Crack Xmind 2020 (on debian)

  • tested effective on XMind-2020-for-Linux-amd-64bit-10.2.1-202008051959.deb install.



    • Node.js installed


    note: use chmod or sudo if necessary

    1. find and expand .asar
    cd $(sudo find / 2>/dev/null | grep 'XMind.*app.asar$' |grep -o '.*/') # assum there is (and only is) a hit
    mkdir -p temp_asar
    npx asar extract app.asar temp_asar/
    1. hack .asar
    sed -i 's/{TRIAL:"trial",VALID:"valid",EXPIRED:"expired"}/{TRIAL:"trial",VALID:"trial",EXPIRED:"trial"}/g' "temp_asar/main/main.js" "temp_asar/renderer/common.js"
    1. pack and replace
    mv app.asar app.asar.bak
    npx asar pack temp_asar/ app.asar
    rm -rf temp_asar/

  • 泻药,已经用上了,Xmind直呼内行!

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